Welcome to ARLA Design

At ARLA Design every piece is made to order locally using only the finest materials available. We take huge pride in what we produce and sometimes I cannot understand why clients would rather pay more for their furniture only to have a ‘name’ on it.

My extended team and I have a wealth of knowledge and experience, well over 50 years collectively, we are able to deliver complete turnkey projects for the whole house as we have specialists in every area, including Electrics, Gas and Decoration, even minor Building work can be included in the overall project.

I remain very much hands on throughout each project undertaken, I believe that of course price is important, but THE most important factor when undertaking any installation is service and I pride myself on visiting each site throughout the job and liaising closely with each client to ensure they get exactly what they want, it has always been a bug bear of mine, working for other companies over the years, that the person who sells you the concept does not supervise the install and most often than not crucial information is not passed on to the installer meaning hassle and longer timescales for the job which can snowball out of control leaving an unhappy client.

We see what we do not as a job but a dream and a passion and hope we can share that passion with you.

Sam and the Arla Design team.